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We Service, Repair, and MOT most Manufacturers bikes

Why Should You Service Your Bike With Us?

  • Being a Yamaha and Suzuki Dealer means we had to pass their stringent service and repair requirements before we were accepted.
  • Our dedicated team of experts have the skills, experience and tools to take care of your bike regardless of make or model.
  • We only employ dedicated trained technicians who want to ensure that every bike performs at its very best.
  • With our state of the art high tech diagnostic equipment we can safely diagnose problems on most manufacturers bikes.
  • Servicing and testing is carried out fully to the schedule, no corners are cut.
  • Yamaha tools – Our technicians are further supported by the authorised access to Yamaha’s and Suzuki’s full dealer support networks.
  • Servicing, Repairs, Upgrades, MOT’s, call us or pop in for a quote.
  • We can supply estimates for work required, for rebuilds, for repairs.
  • We are accredited for insurance repairs, and also offer a recovery service.
  • Wheels, tyres, balancing and puncture repair

Call 01635 581500 or Email


Authorised by Yamaha and Suzuki to sell New and Used Motorcycles.


St. John's Garage
22 Newtown Rd
RG14 7BL

TEL.: 01635 581500

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00
Saturday 09:00 to 17:00

Authorised by Yamaha and Suzuki

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