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Suzuki THREE Year Warranty  - That's a whole worry-free year extra! 
All new Suzuki’s registered in 2018 will come with a 3 year warranty, and not the normal 2 years. This applies on top of all the great offers Suzuki have got going on at the moment, and the new GSX-S and GSX-R 125's get the warranty deal as well! Got to be worth a look!

As of 10th January 2018, Pro Bike and Yamaha UK have parted company, and Pro Bike will no longer sell new Yamaha motorcycles and scooters once we’ve moved on the last few we have. We are all saddened to see the end of a 20 year relationship, but it seems that we don’t tick enough boxes for Yamaha and how they see their future. For example, our premises, which have been perfectly good enough for the last 20 years, are now not seen as being to a standard good enough to present Yamaha products into 2018 and beyond. The costs involved in meeting Yamaha’s standard are considerable, which ultimately would have to be passed on to our customers. We’re not keen on that. Our view is that our customers want to enjoy the warm welcome and friendliness that they’ve experienced when visiting Pro Bike in the past, rather than walking into a cold, impersonal but corporately correct space with bikes in it. We’re the same people we’ve always been. We just don’t sell Yamaha anymore.

The good news is that our knowledge of and expertise with Yamaha motorcycles over the last 20–odd years is still here, so we can continue to service and repair your bikes to the same standard as before. We still have access to genuine Yamaha parts and will always use them.

To our customers who have Yamaha motorcycles purchased from us that are still under warranty, we can continue to carry out warranty work for you.

So, 2018 is now a new and exciting time for us with our loyal partner Suzuki. We’re looking forward to our now exclusive relationship with this well-established brand.

We’ve always had a passion for the GSX-R models, and the latest GSX-R1000 is the benchmark for the class. We all consider the V-Strom models to be great bikes, and real value for money too, and as we write, we have both new and used examples of the iconic Hayabusa in stock.

With the all new GSX-R and GSX-S 125 models available now at very affordable prices, and the legendary SV650 still in there mixing it with offerings from other manufacturers, we reckon we’ve got a winning partnership for 2018 and beyond.

We are Pro Bike Suzuki, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!


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